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28 Wrz 2023
29 Wrz 2023
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MEDI SPA Treatments

Our offer of FITNESS relaxation sessions is enriched with physiotherapy treatments as part of MEDI vouchers.

We can highly recommend a dry water massage on a MEDY JET massaging bed. It is a unique combination of strength, warmth, and water that gives you a multiplied sense of relaxation and well-massaged complete muscle groups.

MEDY JET also acts as a medical device, for instance in the case of:

  • Exhaustion after intensive physical effort,
  • Overloads after static work,
  • Muscle pains caused by overloads and “bad” body posture, muscular dystrophy and paresis,
  • Degenerative spine diseases and arthritis,
  • Excessive skin tissue limpness,
  • obesity, cellulitis and many others.

The range of treatments carried out by our qualified physiotherapisis includes:

  • hand massages,
  • physical therapy,
  • thermogels,
  • inhalations,
  • Therapeutic mud compressions,
  • Topical cryotherapy.

We can offer you MEDI Vouchers of 20, 60 and 200 PLN. They can be bought while booking your stay or as Gift Vouchers for special occasions and can be used by one or more persons while staying in our Pension.

For our Guest, who use promotional stay packages: A 6-NIGHTS STAY PACKAGE PROVIDE YOUR CHILD WITH FREE REST, RELAX FOR TWO or services worth over 500 PLN, we offer a promotional, welcoming WELCOME MEDI 20 VOUCHER

MEDI vouchers included in stay packages are non-returnable, cannot be exchanged for cash and other services.

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